I love my work

Few years ago i decided to help the Israeli fashion industry as much as i can. I found more ways to help them, not just as a fashion stylist or as a chief- editor in magazines.

I saw my designers friends straggling with the economy, with the fact that suddenly we have winter (who keeps customers at home), and with all the politics issue that we, as Israelis, have to deal with (even if we don't want to).

Since then i created few big and amazing fashion events and fairs, i started to promote them all over (in Israel and in the world) and i found myself doing amazing things and cause good and happiness for allot of people. Because all of this, people think i'm a hard and tough all the time, so i decided to show you a different side of me...

I decided to create this post to expose a bit from behind the scene, because i believe that when you work from your heart- magic happens. so... get ready to laugh cause this is what i do and this is how i look at work...

Reta and I having fun at TALI IMBAR photo-shoot day for customers. Little peek from the results:

another day was for boutique NOEMI PLUS with my amazing friend-model MICHAL SHEM TOV and NOEMI YONA (Little peek from the results):

the last one for today is LILA:

מצב נוכחי.jpg

תרשמו; הסופר מודלס הבאות של ישראל

נכון שבישראל 2015 99.9% מהקמפיינים הפרסומיים מציגים דוגמניות במידה 32-34, אבל לאור המגמה בעולם (ומכיוון שכל דבר טוב מגיע באיחור של שנים לארץ כשזה קשור באופנה), כדאי שתכירו את הבנות היפות שיככבו בכל קמפיין ראוי, בתקווה שזה יקרה כבר השנה 

היפהפיות האלה דיגמנו לצידי גם בהפקת האופנה של האירוע 'יפה בכל צורה' וגם בפרזנטצייה לתקשורת של המציגות 

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